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About Amlak

Rewards & Nominations Committee

Main partners and founders

Board of Directors


Executive Committee



Sharia Board

Audit Committee

Company Management


Financial reports and lists






About Amlak International


Amlak International for real estate financing is the leading and the first company which was granted a license to engage in real estate financing activities in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency "SAMA". Amlak International carried the flag to provide innovative real estate financing solutions for individuals and companies sectors, in accordance with the standards and provisions of the Islamic law and under the supervision of a Sharia supervisory board, composed of sheikhs and scholars with expertise and knowledge in Islamic banking and financing.

Amlak International was founded and started its activity as a Saudi company based in Riyadh, with a paid up capital of 906 million Saudi Riyal, in October 2007.

We, at Amlak International, are aware of the importance of the future of the real estate market in the kingdom, and understand the market's needs for the future projects and the underlying challenges to the success of these projects and owning the residential units by the individuals. By using our solid expertise, we will seek to fulfill the needs of our customers in terms of good quality and high value in our integrated residential and business real estate financing solutions, in addition to full commitment to the noble values of our society. We are always striving towards achieving the continuous satisfaction of our customers through our full commitment to the real partnership with them and by providing the required financial and advisory support through a trained team that is dedicated for providing advice to all customers in order to achieve their ambitions and goals as part of our vision to the advancement of the real estate sector in the Kingdom and to be the leading company in real estate financing that is consistent with the provisions of the Islamic law by providing innovative real estate financing solutions in Saudi Arabia.


Excellence is the art that makes the impossible, possible

Amlak International Company had obtained a license to practice real estate financing activity according to the regulations of the real estate financing issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency "SAMA". Based on this license, Amlak International is considered as the second entity in the kingdom and the first among real estate financing companies that obtained this license. This achievement reflects the readiness of the company and its compliance with the regulatory requirements.




Amlak International Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision:

  • To be the real estate financier of choice .

Our mission:

  • Offer our customers innovative, value-added financial solutions; and a long-term relationship built on confidence and mutual remuneration.
  • Maximize the sustainable value of our shareholders’ investments, by balancing economic rewards and risks.
  • Recognize our people as a treasured resource, and act as a catalyst to unlock their potential and expand personal horizons.
  • Engage constructively to meet the real estate ownership aspirations of society, to build and preserve household and private wealth..

Our values:

  • Innovation: Proactively changing, reinventing and evolving, to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace
  • Leadership: Being the standard-bearer in each of the business segments we operate in, offering an unsurpassed value proposition to meet and exceed customer needs

  • Trust: Building strong and enduring relationships with all stakeholders, based on candor, mutual respect and fair play

  • Competence: Developing market-leading capabilities by being professional, empowering, inclusive and meritocratic

  • Ownership: Being accountable to customers, shareholders, employees and societies, in pursuit of balanced and sustainable returns and growth






Main partners and founders


The main partners and founders in Amlak International are the most prominent financial institutions and investment and real estate companies, in addition to a number of businessmen who have a track record of achievements and investments. Most importantly:

1- The Saudi Investment Bank

2- Amlak  Finance (UAE)

3- Al Tawfeek Development House

4- Almakarim International for real estate development

5- Aseer Company for Trading and Tourism







Board of Directors


Members of Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of a number of businessmen who have extensive experience in various business sectors in general, and in the banking and real estate sectors in particular. The following are the names of the board members:


1. Mr.  Abdullah Al-Howaish


2. Mr. Mansour Al Bosaily

Vice Chairman

3. Mr. Thamer Jan

Board Member

4. Mr. Faisal Al Omran

Board Member

5. Mr. Majed Fakeeh

Board Member

6. Mr. Adel Ahmed

Board Member

7. Mr.Amr Kamel

Board Member

8. Mr. Sultan Al Hokair

Board Member

9. Mr. Khalid Al Rayes

Board Member







Executive Committee

The executive committee had emerged from the company's board of directors and is distinguished with the institutional commitment and discipline as per the standards of company’s governance. This committee monitors the management of all company's affairs and business. It is responsible for monitoring the implementation of decisions and business organization. The following are the Executive Committee members:

Executive Committee Members

1- Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Howaish             (Chairman)

2- Abdullah Al Sudairy                              (member)

3- Khalid al rayes                                      (member)

4- Majed Al Fakeeh                                   (member)

5-Adel Ahmed                                           (member)






Nomination and Remuneration Committee


The financing activity in Amlak International is based on a range of values that form the main pillar to provide an innovative and professional performance to our customers, which is distinguished by the added value and excellence. Those values are the basic principles that govern the business of Amlak International. One of the most important principles is preparing the promising working environment that enables qualifying the employees, developing their professional skills and motivating them towards excellence and innovation. Hence, the Rewards and Nominations Committee was founded to always seek to reward the outstanding efforts among the company's employees. The Executive Committee includes the following members:

1- Mansour bin Abdul Aziz Al-Bosaily (chairman)

2-Sultan Al Hokair (member)

3-Majed Fakee(member)

4-Amr Kamel    (member)






Risk Management Committee


Risk Management Committee emanating from the Board of Directors whose functions are to identify acceptable levels of risk (Risk Appetite) within the company and in accordance with the directives of the Board of Directors.  Also oversees the process of identifying, monitoring, mitigating and reporting risks to the Board of Directors. The following are the Board Risk  Committee members :


1- Mr. Majed Fakeeh                     (chairman)
2- Mr. Abdullah Al Sudairy            (member)
3- Mr. Mohammed Al Shaya          (member)
4- Mr. Amr Kamel                           (member)

5- Mr. Adel Ahmed                         (member)






Sharia Board

As Amlak international company is keen to the compatibility with the provisions of Islamic laws. It has created a Sharia Board which consists of a number of scholars who are specialized in the jurisprudence of financial transactions and Islamic economics. The role of this board is represented by studying, providing fatwa, authorizing the products, developing the legitimacy controls, and making decisions toward them. This board is independent of the company's departments, and all company's transactions are subject to its approval and control. Its decisions are binding on the entire company.


Members of the Sharia Board in Amlak International:


Grand Sheikh Dr. Abdul Sattar Abu Ghoddah (chairman)

Grand Sheikh Dr. Yousef bin Abdullah Al-Shubaily (vice chairman)

Grand Sheikh Dr.Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Qarri (member)

Sharia Board Secretariat


The Secretariat of Sharia Board is classified as a technical and administrative body founded for the purpose of supporting the Sharia Board in achieving its objectives and performing its activities through performing a comprehensive study on the company's transactions and activities, and preparing it for presentation to the Sharia Board to make the necessary actions. It also work on articulating whatever is produced by the Sharia Board, following-up and communicating it to the departments of the company, along with the related documentation and archiving. It also validates the conformity of the company's business and executive procedures with the provisions of Islamic laws based on the decisions issued by the Sharia Board.

This body is headed by the Secretary-General of the Sharia Board.







Audit Committee

To maintain the principle of companies governance, and since the first moment of founding Amlak International, the members of the Board of Directors have issued a decision to form the internal audit committee that includes competent and highly experienced members in this area. The committee includes the following gentlemen:


1- Mohammed Abdulaziz Alshaye     (Chairman)

2- Mohammed Ibrahim Alobaid          (member)

3-Khalid Al Rayes                                (member)


The Audit Committee was formed in accordance with the principle of Saudi companies governance and best practices to be responsible for some tasks, which include providing the Board of Directors with recommendations to nominate the external auditor to be elected by the General Authority and providing monitoring over the comprehensiveness of the external audit regulations on the company's business, in addition to examining the annual internal audit plan and reviewing the observations contained in the internal audit reports and following-up the action taken through periodic meetings between the internal auditor and the Audit Committee.

Furthermore, The Audit Committee ensures the accuracy and integrity of the accounting, financial, and regulatory procedures and the extent of compliance with them in addition to the verification of the financial statements audit by the external auditor before presenting them to the Board of Directors and the verification of the commitment to the requirements of the Authority and meeting with the external assigned or accredited auditors, as appropriate, once a year at least.

Moreover, the Committee will ensure the company's compliance with the laws, regulations, instructions and decisions governing the company's business and activities. It also provides the Board of Directors with recommendations to approve the appointment, resignation or dismissal of the Internal Auditor.

The Committee also presents the minutes of its meetings and reports to the Board of Directors, in addition to the execution of any other tasks assigned by the Board of Directors other than the tasks mentioned above.





Company management


Company management consists of a sophisticated team at a high level of experience and qualification in the fields of banking and real estate financing, projects financing and risk management. This team is working within a solid system of institutional discipline standards, along with a strategic vision focused on providing innovative solutions through a range of products to meet the customers needs. The management team includes the following gentlemen:



1- Abdullah Turki Al Sudairy        (CEO)

2- Tawfiq Yahya Moafa                (Retail Director)

3- Saud Abdullah Al Shathri              (HR & Administration Director)

4- Mohammed Habeeb Al Salman   (Risk & Credit Director)

5- Nizar Saleh Al Suwaiyan         (Corporate Director)

6- Ali Mohammed Alshashaa               (Finance, Operations and IT Director)

7- Turki Otaibi Al Zahrani             (Strategy & Marketing Director)

8- Omar Suliaman Abanomia       (Head of Legal and Governance)







Financial reports and lists


Financial reports 2019


Financial statement Q1 , 2019

PDF (0.7MB)

Financial statement Q2 , 2019

PDF (0.84MB)







Financial reports 2018


Financial statement Q1 , 2018

PDF (1.5MB)

Financial statement Q2 , 2018


Financial statement Q3 , 2018

PDF (1.36 MB)

Financial statement 2018

PDF (1.2MB)







Financial reports 2017


Financial statement Q1 , 2017

PDF (1.0MB)

Financial statement Q2 , 2017

PDF (0.5MB)

Financial statement Q3 , 2017

PDF (1.0MB)

Financial statement 2017

PDF (2.3MB)

Annual Report , 2017

PDF (0.4MB)








Financial reports 2016


 تقرير مجلس الإدارة لعام 2016 PDF (0.8MB)
 Financial Statements 2016 PDF (0.5MB)







Financial reports 2015


 تقرير مجلس الإدارة لعام 2015 PDF (1.2MB)
 Financial Statements 2015 PDF (0.2MB)






Financial reports 2014


 القوائم المالية لعام 2014 PDF (1.5MB)
 Financial Statements 2014 PDF (1.2MB)
 تقرير مجلس الإدارة لعام 2014 PDF (0.7MB)
 Board of Directors Report 2014 PDF (0.5MB)