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(1) Content

The content of this website (information, products, services) is intended for media purposes only. It does not contain any offers related to the services or products provided by Amlak International for real estate financing. The website does not provide all services and products to customers in all geographic areas. You have to access the website of your country, and otherwise, your access will be illegal. Thus the legal requirements prevents you from benefiting from using the features available in the website, or performing any operation in the website of that area, as the products or services available in the website can only be found in the jurisdiction area that is approved for operation. All the details mentioned in the website are for information purposes only and the website cannot be considered as a provider of any legal or financial advice or any other advice.


(2) Content modification

Amlak International for real estate financing can modify the content of the website (information, products, services) at any time without notice, and can make changes to the Terms and Conditions of using it at any time without prior notice to users.


(3) Guarantees

Amlak International for real estate financing does not offer any kind of guarantees for the material available in the website, or any other local websites, whether implicit or explicit guarantees. We also do not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or timeliness of the information, materials, products and services used in this website. We do not guarantee that the website will be available or that it will meet all of your needs. We also do not guarantee that its access will be uninterrupted or there will not be any delay or failure when accessing it, or there will be no viruses or other sabotage pollutants that can be transmitted to your computer and cause damage to it. In other words, using the website is by your own responsibility and choice, and at the same time we do not guarantee the accuracy, performance and functions of any third party software that can be used in relation to this website. So, you are solely responsible for providing an adequate protection and backup of the data and / or the appropriate hardware, in addition to executing the appropriate and reasonable precautions to delete the viruses or any other harmful materials.