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 Financing forms 


Sharia Board decisions



Financing forms


Forward Lease with Promise to Grant

For financing the customers who would like to buy real estate units under construction from a certified real estate developer where Amlak International purchases the desired property from the real estate developer through an agreement for buying a property under construction, and then the company signs with the customer through a forward lease contract.

Lease with Promise to Grant

An agreement between the lessor and the lessee (Amlak International and the customer) where the parties sign a lease agreement of the property for a specific period of time and for a monthly lease installment, where the lessee pay the lessor until the end of the contract with a promise from the lessor side to grant the property as a gift to the customer (lessee) after completing the payment of the lease installments.



Murabaha is a deferred selling with a known price between (the company and the customer) where both parties sign an agreement for a deferred selling with adding a profit margin agreed upon between both parties for a specific period of time in exchange for monthly installments paid by the customer to the company until the end of contract period.






Margin of seriousness

Refers to the nonrefundable deposit performed by the buyer to retain the right to confirm the selling.

 Grant (gift)

Refers to the gifts. The grant is given with full satisfaction (voluntarily) by the person who gives it.

Financially, the grant (if any) is given based on the complete payment of the interest-free loan and the lease with promise to Grant.

warranty (guarantee)

Refers to a guarantee contract by the contracting party or any third party that guarantees performing the terms of the contract by the contracting parties.

interest-free loan (assistance loan)

Refers to the interest-free loan. The borrower has to return only the amount that he borrowed, but he may pay an additional amount voluntarily as a gift and as an expression of appreciation.

Charge (Fees)

Refers to the commissions or fees paid for the service.

Mandate(naming someone else for representation)

Refers to the case where a person designates someone else to represent him and to work on his behalf. The mandate contract in which the person appoints another person to perform a specific task on his behalf is usually implemented for a fee.




Sharia Board decisions


Sharia Board decisions #48 - 21 - 02 - 2014

PDF (56KB)

Sharia Board decisions #47 - 20 - 01 - 2014

PDF (49KB)




Sharia Board decisions #41 - 18- 01- 2013

PDF (50KB)

Sharia Board decisions #40 - 17 - 02 - 2012

PDF (34KB)